Friday, May 26, 2006

mrshomebody's post about English Roses the other day reminded me of this excellent website and the fantastic lady who runs it. The website is The owner is Robin Delargy and she grows them from cuttings and on their own roots. You won't have to worry about theses roses "returning to their roots" live many of the plants you buy at Lowe's or Home Depot. Robin is a very nice person to work with. I have bought one of her plants off of Ebay. Robin has a "Personal Live Plant Guarantee... as fair as I know how to make it: If it dies, I'll replace it. Period." She grows all of these beautiful plants at her own home in Tacoma, WA. Check out her site and see all these lovely roses. There is a wealth of information to read, visit her own personal website and visit her Ebay listing. Tons of pictures make it a pure pleasure.


chelle said...

Annabelle and I are going to have to go down and visit this lady. Yay! She is almost in our back yard. Maybe she can teach us out to take our own cuttings.
Thank you for introducing us to her! So much fun to get on here and see a post other than my own!

April 1930s said...

Okay - yes... kindred spirit indeed... Your template speaks volumes about it already! And your style felt through your photos and verbiage, etc... ~ after my own heart. Welcome to blogdom - I see that you are new. I will D E F I N E T E L Y be checking back to see your "lovely" blog... it truly is oh! so! lovelay! P.S. Get a sitemeter - it definitely protects you. If you need reference as to why I can link you.