Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sugar & Spice....

Well being that my home and my mind are converted to all things Girl and knowing so many of the ladies around here have girls of there own, I thought I would share a project I just worked on. I was in a boutique and saw those adorable little hair bows, shocked at the price I eyed and thought I will make my own. So off to my jars and baskets full of ribbon I made a couple this afternoon.....

I can't even wait to see if she has hair! Thought some of you mommies of little girls would want to make some of your own!


Use your imagination... I can't wait to stop by the craft store.. I have some ideas.. and these will look great in her closet on a little ribbon message board, clipped right on.


chelle said...

Leslie, these are super
darling! I am going right now to get supplies to make my own pretty hairbow for my very own pretty,curly topped little girl. Thanks so much for this very sweet idea/inspiration!

MrsCottageDreaming said...

How lovely these are Leslie! I can't believe you had all the supplies you needed. I never have everything I need for a project. :) You did a beautiful job. Thanks for sharing.

mamahomebody said...

These have such a cute retro look....Well done!