Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stuff that is just too good to keep to myself

A dear friend was asking me the other day about where find my fabrics? Aside from the local JoAnn Fabrics, I love to shop online. And I aways, always look for good deals on my favorite fabrics from Ebay. Listed below are some of my favorite online sources for fabric:

(Eye-Candy Galore)

(especially love the polka dots )

( A favorite )

(baby and children)



chelle said...

I would be delighted if anyone else has any other websites to share of their favorite places to buy fabric.

Connie said...

My favorite is:

They have a real store in Bozeman, Montana where the vast selection is just overwhelming. (the good kind of overwhelming!) :-)

Andrea said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I LOVE these sites. What lovely fabrics. And so many polka dots, I could spend hours looking through some of those sites!

chelle said...

Andrea, I HAVE spent hours looking through some of those sites...happy looking, window- shopping, dreaming!

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness.. eye candy. I just bookmarked them all, there is a great store near me that carries a lot of these.. but wow.. some really inspiring stuff.