Friday, January 04, 2008


for the year.
maybe learning a new skill like sewing, or cross-stitch, or photography
maybe being more organized
maybe redecorating or remodeling part of your home
maybe to simplify
maybe to remember birthdays better
maybe to spend more quality time with your family
maybe to create more traditions

what are they.
your goals
for you
and your family
and your home?

do share...
Im ever so curious


Fairlightday said...

It would be hard to list all the things I "want" to learn and do this year. I hope to post about it soon. Photgraphy is at the top of my list (care to share some more tips?), as is redecoarting our den. New paint, new furniture, new organization. It may very well take me all year. Oh well. :)
Can't wait to hear others goals.

StichingSurgeon said...

Photography. I need interesting pictures for my blog.

Leslie said...

... I always love sharing tips. I will try too soon.

For me though I guess its all about not over scheduling, slowing down, and finding a church body to serve in. Ohhh and lots of scrapbooking.

Little Candle said...

I have many things that I have hopes to do and the main one is not to put too much pressure on myself. I tend to overburden with everything and I really want to learn to slow down and to not beat myself up when I don't get things done as I had hoped.
Another big one is too exercise regularly again...paint the house, plant a garden, sew clothes for little man, quilt...but, mostly enjoy life and take things in stride.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Our goal is to live each day to the fullest and appreciate each other and our families....

Have a blessed day...

kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

I listed mine on my blog... a little late, but... one of mine is to make a birthday calendar to remember all of those important dates....before they come!!

Love your Blog

Karen Eileen

Terri's ThreadArt said...

1.More trips to New YOrk City
2.Taking more classes on anything interesting!
3.Never go more than 2 days without putting thread through fabric!
4.To become more and more of God and less and less of me
5.To write in my journal more
P.S. I just LOVE all you wonderful woman in blogland! You have enriched my life.

wahzat!! said...

Hi Just passing through from Chelle's blog
Your blog is so enchanting.

I want to have more family moments where we allsay AHA this is the life. In essence I want to really appreciate it all!

chelle said...

excerise, organize and re-prioratize...laugh more, learn, be thankful, spend more time playing with my toddler, love my husband better and Jesus more.

Fanny said...

Oh so many! I put a list on my blog:

Nancy said...

I love that you wrote "maybe"! No real commitment to do something then feel bad when you don't! I'd like to stay in touch with family and friends better this year--with real notecards and letters, not email. I miss the personal mail.

Anonymous said...

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