Wednesday, February 20, 2008

National Craft Month

Please tell me that I was not the only person totally unaware
that March is National Craft Month?
I was so excited to learn this tidbit of info in the March issue
of Country Living magazine and it immediately got my wheels turning.

Shall we have a crafty month of March here on Domestic Bliss?
A crafting challenge perhaps?

I would like to set one for myself and for each of you,
one new completed craft for each week of March.
Who wants to join me?
Shouldn't be to hard,
even if you only do one scrapbook page
or make one card each week,
you'll have made the challenge.

Something for your Etsy store,
something for your daughter or son,
something for yourself,

a parent, or a friend
There are all sorts of things to choose from.

And then maybe we should post about our completed craft on our blogs
each week and link back to it here?
What do you all think?

Stay tuned for a couple of my favorite inspirational
crafting websites and blogs!


chelle said...

How delightful. I had no idea there was such a thing as National Craft Month. But I am glad to know that there is. And if there hadn't been, I'm sure eventually we would have thought of it ourselves. Thank you so much for this post. It's brilliant. And I was just on here this morning thinking...
" ugg, that Valentine Post is getting really OLD. " It's a grand idea and of course I'd love to play along.

Little Candle said...

I agree with Chelle...Brilliant! Count me in!

Sarah :)

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

I love the idea and need a push to get some projects done around here. I look forward to seeing your next posts.

Andrea said...

Oh yay:) You can count me in too! What an excellent reason to get some crafting done.

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

I did not know this. Thank you for letting me know!