Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Inspiration

Our Easter looks like it's going to turn out to be really low key. Which although, we are looking forward to, we would have loved to have spent it with our family. It will be the first holiday in literally years that it's going to be, just the three of us. Of course we plan to pop in and drop off a basket of flowers to Granniebelle's so she can see Annabelle twirl in her pretty Easter dress. But other than a picnic, and a little egg hunt and maybe some kite flying if the weather allows, we have nothing extraordinary planned. So I am going to dream up an enormous Easter dinner or brunch or both, and put up all my inspirational pictures and get it out of my system.

Hoping to die eggs tomorrow. It will be, if you can believe this, my very first time, ever. I am super excited. Like little girl, kind of excited.

But if I was hosting Easter dinner you can be sure I'd be trying some of these delicious sounding recipes. How about Garlic Prime Rib, with dinner rolls, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, and maybe a fresh strawberry spinach salad. But then how would I ever decided between making this Carrot, or this Coconut Cloud Cake ? They both look and sound soooo good.

If I end up cooking at all I think I'll do something really simple like maybe this and this .

What are you cooking up for Easter Sunday? We'd love to hear all about it.


Lisa said...

Simple sounds perfect to me! We have brunch with my family and dinner with Tuckers. Which although I love being with my loved ones, sometimes it is nice to keep things low-key! I am serving ham, oven potatoes and brocolli, with salad, devied eggs and lemonaid. And what Easter would be complete without carrot cake?!?!
Wishing you a lovely Easter!
And I hope Annabelle gets lots of twirl time - because like carrot cake, no Easter is complete witout a new dress!

~Aminta~ said...

Oh!! Can I come!!!!????? I think that sounds much more appealing then a loud house filled with running "hopped up" children, who all of us know will have the SUGAR HIGH then the sugar low.
I think a beautifully simple picnic with quiet David, giggling Annabelle, and my favoritest Chelle sound beyond lovely.
Missing you, can you tell!!??

Leslie said...

oh fun... actualy printing out recipes now...a little late (don't worry already did my shopping)

we are doing
honey ham
scalloped potatoes
buttered peas and carrots
roasted asparagus
homemade rolls
strawberry spinach salad
corn pudding
and simple apple dumplings and vanilla ice cream for desert.

kinda wanting to sleep through the day, but also most excited to see my girl celebrate her first Easter.
And so excited for church tomorrow..
already singing the old hymn.. up from the grave he arose.. ok so Im a few hours early.

Leslie said...

ohhh and first time to die eggs... so delightfull. I can't wait untl Ry's old enough.... :)

for now we did plastic with Cheerios and goldfish.

Fairlightday said...

Sounds like delicious plans dear. We had a total of 12 people with of 6 of them being small children and they were definitly all "hopped up" as Minta put it, on sugar all day.
We had an enormous feast of

oven roasted turkey
mashed potatoes and gravy
sweet potatoes
deviled eggs
raspberry tea
carrot cake
birds nest cupcakes
and lots and lots of candy :)

How did the egg dying go? Do share.
Love you!

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