Thursday, March 13, 2008

Springy Thingy

Hello everyone! It has taken MONTHS for me to be inspired....... I know that may sound silly, but it is the fact. Anyone share in that feeling ever??

Well, SPRING is finally creaping in on us. First we get AMAZING, shining, bright sunny days... then SNOW, though the snow generally melts away quickly.

In light of these spring days, I have been doing some "leg work" for my sister who is throwing a baby shower for our sister-in-law come next month. In doing this "leggy work" (thought that made it sound sillier- if that is possible) I have found some very cute and inspiring pictures and have now been inspired to CREATE!
I do hope to be back up and "inspired" more often. So hopefully I will be seeing some of you.
P.S. FAIRLIGHT, I am so jealous of your drive............ :) MUAHS dear ones!


chelle said...

Just so curious as to what you decide to create after seeing all these darling inspriations.

Leslie said...

me too me too.... :)
I am in a createy type of mood today too.

Leslie said...

btw my sister in law made those martha stewart flower balloons, they came out adorable, they were yellow with white centers... very very easy.

Eleanor said...

These are great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

~Aminta~ said...

I it may be strange to write a comment on here, but how else??? Well, if it were ME throwing the shower I would have a blast decorating and baking, more then likely pushing myself into a complete panic for lack of time and WAY TO MUCH bitten off. But alas, my sister is the one throwing it, and has not even shared with me what she decided on. Guess it will all be a great big suprize! JUST WATCH OUT CHELLE! I will be throwing you a grand afair one day all in the name of the next twirp you will be calling Jack (or maybe Jill!!!)! LOL Just teasing! I will more tehn likely be throwing you one though!