Monday, June 16, 2008

June the beginning of.......

Outdoor living! If you re anything like me, you crave cozy. Cozy in, cozy out, just plain cozy. I consider fire-light cozy, wood cozy, lamp cozy, candles cozy, bath-time cozy, colors cozy, flannel cozy, bed cozy...... I could go on for hours. So why not an out-doors cozy?


Those last three were for Chelle.......and

This one was for Fairlight.
Therefore, I desire greatly an outdoor "cozy". Something where I could go out and lite-a-fire and just breath, read, sleep, eat, snuggle, romance, giggle or laugh, whisper, yell (with joy of course!), kiss (little ones and A big one)........ I guess just be.

One of my favorite sets......

So to settle this craving I have just dying to leap outside of me, I have gleaned some photos for us all to enjoy. BUT!, no drooling allowed! After all we are all "Ladies" are we not?

And last but not least, I will leave you with a photo of a modern indoor-outdoor flowing home.

P.S. I have a "ENTRYWAYS" favorites blog coming up......I am just itchin' up a storm with all of these entryways up my sleeve!


chelle said...

May all your cozy dreams come true Minta, indoor and out! ;)

Leslie said...

beautiful...... this makes me want a nice big outdoor space to decorate!! :) lovely.