Wednesday, August 06, 2008


A little paperie swap of school-girl goodies

Take a moleskine notebook,
embellish it for your three partners,
add a few favorite school supplies,
and send those pretty little packages on their way.

The smell of newly sharpened pencils is in the air, mingled with eraser, chalk, new paper, and glue. It's time for school to start! And after rummaging through all the fun new school supplies and falling in love all over again with paper clips, magnets, pencils, crayons, post-it notes, rainbow sharpies, and colored staples we've decided to share the love!
We are planning a fun new swap to get the creative juices flowing after a summer full of fun activities, but very little time for crafting.

What: A paperie swap of school-girl goodies
When: now! sign-ups are open until August 21 (spread the word!)
How: send us an e-mail at with your first and last name, complete address, e-mail, and blog address (if you have one)
Who: everyone! Blogger or not! International and state-side! (Invite your crafting friends and family.)

What to do: Send us an e-mail to let us know that your participating. Then order your set of three moleskine notebooks right away (they come in packs of three for $12 .) Here is the direct link to the exact size and style Large Ruled Moleskine Cahier in "craft" that we are requiring everyone to use. When you receive your notebooks, embellish them in any way you want. Stitched fabrics, papers, chipboard, rub-ons, stickers, ribbons, lace. Do each one different or the same. Then go and buy a few fun and favorite school supplies. Add them to the package- tied up with a pretty ribbon of course- and send to it off.
We will send you you're partner's information sometime during the week of August 24th
Deadline for sending out packages is : September 6th

We'll be posting some inspirational ideas for {embellish} ing your notebooks in the next couple of days. Please feel free to share any ideas of your own!

"If I knew your name and address,
I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils."

- Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail


chelle said...

Oh what fun!

chelle said...

Ordered Mine!

Aminta said...

OHHH! What fun!
Okay I already ordered mine but before I did, I look for a PROMO code for this place. I found it here
Try it! The first one "parents" worked for me, I got the books for $8.40 and free shipping! OH YAY!
Thank you Fairlight and Chelle!

AndiMae said...

Thank you guys for hosting this! I am really excited for another swap, and it is funny b/c I actually bought some of those notebooks myself awhile go, thinking they would be fun to dress up! Speaking of which, they used to sell them at my Barnes and Noble- I don't know if they still do, but that's where I bought them from before.

Leslie said...

alright I can't not be included so im in, and off to try Aminita's coupon codes... thanks for those!

Lisa said...

Sounds fun, I'm in
off to order mine with that coupon code.....

Leslie said...

Bust Chronichle Books has that size but is backordered and not taking orders arghhh.

okay will try B&N later... thanks Andi.

Melissa said...

I love office/school supplies...the smell of freshly sharpened pencils (love that movie) and I love the smell of Scotch tape too...I'm emailing you and off to purchase the journals. FUN!!!

Leslie said...

none of the codes worked but my B&N had them... :) woo hoo.. Im good to go and even have a bunch of fun office supplies...

Fairlightday said...

Mine are on their way! Can't wait to get them!