Friday, August 01, 2008


The Greeting-way. The Passport (to your world). The Entrance. The Beginning of "Yours".
Such a beautiful opportunity to have! To have an entrance whether it be Grand in style or simple and cozy.
I really love entrances, it is the door to someones life, their feelings, desires, passions, family, firsts, HOME!
You can really get to know someones character with their doorway.
To get a feel for me, here are some of my favorite "entrances" I have found through my wanderings of the English countryside, paths in Paris ETC.... (of course ONLINE!)

Pathway to the "Garden"


English Countryside

New Orleans, LA




North Dakota

English Revival
And lastly, my favorite door. Can't you just imagine it with a LARGE stone wall surrounding it with a "Secret Garden" just on the other side?

Thank you for letting me share with you.
I hope this has inspired you to move forward with your very own dreamy plans for your very own "EN- TRANCE".


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. My favourite is definitely the English Countryside!

chelle said...

Wow these are all so unique and very much I love this post Min!

Fairlightday said...

Oh! Love this post. Love doors and entryways.

Little Candle said...

Such a nice post! We should all share our entryways...perhaps gussied up for Summer or the coming fall.
How are you? And how is Beau? I haven't been on MSN for so long, so I ahven't been able to check your blog. I hope all is well.

Sarah :)

Melissa said...

those doors are awesome, my favorite would have to be the last one!