Friday, October 10, 2008

Introductions: Shanna

An introduction to me…I hate to be the first one (after the original three)…I started (and finished) this last night then forced myself to wait until this morning to post, not wanting to be first.  But I better just get it up or it’s going to drive me crazy all day! ;)

About myself – I’m 32, turning 33 in December.  I’m an only child so I guess in some ways that defines who I am.  I’m a non-conforming perfectionist.  Yes, I made that term up.  Basically I like things the way I like them.  I like things perfect when I want them perfect and I want them (neatly) messed up when I deem it appropriate to be so!

Ma Famille

Define Home – Over the course of nearly 13 years of marriage we have moved eleven times.  Home, for me, must always be where my family is.  A house is a building with four walls and though I try to make it comfortable and homey, without the five of us together, all the stuff between the walls wouldn’t be worth anything.

Favorite Color – You know, I used to be a pink girl through and through.  But right now?  I like to say I’m ‘between colors’.  I don’t have a definite color of choice.  I lean towards a sage-ish green, but I can’t say it’s my favorite. 

Decorating Elements – Simplicity.  I don’t like clutter.  I don’t like to feel pushed in, surrounded or held back by things.  I love the look of French country though and one day when we finally settle in for the long haul, I would love to have whites, soft greens, understated blues and yellows surrounding me.

Creative Outlets – Photography is number one.  I also like to sew.  I have no idea what I’m doing but it sure is fun to sit at the kitchen table and whir away at any given project that has caught my eye!  I also like to write.  A lot actually.  But the perfectionist in me sometimes makes writing difficult.  I find it hard to get my thoughts out ‘just so’ and that frustrates me into quitting before I’m finished.  I am obsessed with the number three.  Within my decorating I rarely work without working in threes.  I have three kids.  I have three cousins.  My wedding ring’s diamonds are clustered in groups of three.  I need things to be in threes.  I feel off balance otherwise.  Wonder what that means?

A recipe we indulge in – Oh there are so many!  I drive my mom crazy with all the food my family consumes.  She’s not a big eater but I grew to love food.  I love to cook it and smell it and eat it!  A favorite that I like to share is Frog Eye Salad.  It’s just. so. good.

A household tip – Pick up after yourself!  I refuse refuse refuse to pick up after my kids.  If you want me sane, pick up after yourself.

Where do I find inspiration – Everywhere.  Anywhere.  Sometimes in the most unlikely of places.  Cryptic?  Yes.  I can’t really define a place that has given me specific inspiration but when it hits I rarely have the patience to wait and do it later.  It must be done now.  Idea struck at one ‘o clock in the morning?  Doesn’t matter.  Must be done.

Favorite spots around my home -  Right now?  In our current home?  It makes me a little sad to say I don’t really have a favorite spot.  When we moved here, I wasn’t the one who chose the home.  (Luckily we won’t be here long)  I don’t feel like this is the one I would have chosen if I’d been able to.  However, in other homes I’d have to say that the front window has always been my favorite place to spend time with a good book. 

I love to crack it and feel the breeze, hearing people as they come and go on the sidewalks.  Watching people as they go about their day from the comfort of my home makes me feel a part of something bigger than me. 

These pictures are from two of our previous homes:


I like order.  Simple.  Clean lines.  But softness too.  Some may call me a minimalist but to me minimalism implies cold hard surfaces of granite and steel.  I like it to feel like home – but without all the foo foo that comes with the term homey.



Clean, crisp easy to maintain & splashes of color.  Suits me perfectly.

PICT0016 copy 


I love stripes.  They conform to my desire for neatness.  Though I am a neat freak, I am not a clean freak.  There is dust.  There are some things that remain disorderly.  But those things remain hidden from the untrained eye *wink*



Even our yard (which is still ours but are renting out) conveyed my desire for clean lines and orderly neatness.

So, I suppose that is Me in a nutshell.  Have any questions?  Feel free to ask, you know where to find me!


Fairlightday said...

OH Shanna! Thank you for doing this! I hope it will encourage the other ladies to join in on the introductions. I'm very glad to have you as one of our authors. I love your intro, it's good writing. As always. :) Please feel free to post anything at anytime on here. Just like on the shower blog. If it's a rug you like, a color scheme, a cleaning tip, craft blog, whatever, post it! :)
I wish I had a smidge of your neatness. My home never looks as picked up and un-cluttered as yours. Makes me jealous. :)I can't wait to see your "forever home." I'm sure it will be lovely.

Chelle said...

Yay for you! Somebody has to go first! I had so much fun reading more about you and it's so great to see a new post from a dear friend on here. Thank you. Your home is so imaculate. And I adore that sage bathroom with the orange towels. And your all your cute stripes.
Hoping your next home is "it" and you can move in and make it just how you want it to be. And wow, I can't believe that you have moved 11 times. I am going to have to get some good advice and tips from you as we make our second move sometime here in the next year...the first move didn't really count because all we had fit in the back of our Toyota Tacoma. This time around it will be a much different story.
Hoping that number move 12 is "it" for you guys...and to a home you absolutely adore.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Shana, just having a little bit of neatness envy... :) The pictures of your home were beautiful! Wishing I had that perfectionist neatness gene. :)
This really was a great post! Now I'm excited to do it too. :)

Leslie said...

Love the intro Shanna!! So glad you joined us.. and all the other new ladies too!!

have a lovely said...

shanna so nice to "meet" you and get to know you...and thanks so much for jumping out there and going first! I am working on my intro and think this is a great way to get to know you all...I became overwhelmed the other day at the thought of getting to know about everyone by reading months and months of past entries on each of their blogs!

love your thoughts on you...its paints a wonderful picture of such a precious you! and you have moved 11 times...we just moved our 2nd time and it was a challenge...kudos to you! you MUST be one organized momma!!

Lisa said...

Do you know just how much I adore learning more and more about you...
And I will admite it - I am a neat FREAK too!
Can't wait to "meet" the other ladies...

Love to you friend...

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Shanna, I have to go ahead and agree with everyone and say this was a fantastic post and I LOVED getting know you a little better! I loved everything about it, maybe after this weekend (full of busy-ness and famil-ness) Ill find time to do mine lol Thanks for jumping out there and going first, I think it was an ice breaker for all of us you think?
Love you dearly friend it has been such a joy knowing you

Aminta said...

Woo-hoo! This was fun to read. I like your imperfect perfection. It is nice to know that we all are so different, but similar. :)
I WISH my home looked like that, uncluttered and clean...... I will FINALLY post something about me on here eventually. I have been part of this for awhile, but not very involved.

kt mac said...

Hi Shanna, I have not yet said hello and feel kinda guilty for not doing so! I loved your post and am glad you went ahead and uploaded so we could get to know more about you. (promise mine is coming soon!)

I had to agree with your comment about how you like things your way, neat or messy when you deem it appropriate to be so! - that is so me as well!
right now I'm in the messy category. So I am off to clean :)

can't wait to get to know you more :)

Shanna said...

You guys are SO sweet, thank you! :)