Monday, December 08, 2008


Morning Ladies,

So we now have a date and time which it seems all of you are happy with (yipee!) and now it's down to all the fun planning and crafting for our upcoming get together!

As there are quite a few of us who will be chatting on the night we have decided to get an msn messenger chatbox happening instead of our blog chatbox (so it will be quicker and we won't have to keep refreshing the page, although we will definetly be keeping the chatbox up on the page. So feel free to join in with the convos and ideas being shared through it) Miss Fairlight will be getting our msn chat up and running with a few testers before the night.. So if you are dropping in at any time during the night would you please rsvp your name, blog address and hotmail address/msn contact name to so we can get you set up ready for a night full of giggles.

Stay tuned!


Secondstreetdesigns said...

Sounds like fun. I already have a girls night planned that night or I might have been tempted to stop in for a chat.

Aminta said...

I'm there! :)