Friday, December 12, 2008

have a lovely christmas...

Hello sweet creative ladies!!

I hope each of your holidays are off to a great start with planning, crafting, present picking, baking, loving on your littles {oh what a blessing to watch the season through their eyes}, and spending time by the fire with your honey! I am so sad to be missing out on the festivities next week, but want to participate up until then as long as I can...{I am heading to Texas for Christmas next week and hubby will soon follow}.

I can only image how decked out for Christmas each of your cozy homes are & would love to see...with KT's encouragement to share I'll begin the tour... { just think...its like having a progressive party around the world {hello Australia!} of sorts without fighting the airlines, traffic, and SNOW! } So many blessings to you all dear girls & wishing you a lovely Christmas!

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Leslie said...

your home is really beyond lovely, and what a shame you won't be sitting under that beauty of a tree on Christmas morning.... thanks for sharing and wishing you safe travels!! :)