Thursday, May 11, 2006

What 10 words/phrases come to mind in describing what home means to you?


chelle said...

Home is...

1. where my family lives
2. a safe place to fall
3. real
4. an expression of who I am
5. comfortable
6. what we always come back to
7. my very own corner of the world
8. where I surround myself with my favorite things
9. where my bed lives
10. full of laughter

MrsCottageDreaming said...

1. the laughter of my family
2. the smell of home made bread.
3. sunlight shining through clean windows.
4. swinging on the swingset my husband built with my daughter.
5. a big soft bed with piles of pillows and blankets.
6. curling up to my warm husband on a cold night.
7. nursing my baby and reading a book while the sun comes up.
8. a delicious meal, good friends, and a warm clean house.
9. my sewing room
10. a place my heart rests.

Missie May said...

Home is...
1. safe
2. requires frequent cleaning
3. where the day begins and ends
4. where my stuff is
5. where I belong, yet sometimes I just want to escape it
6. the best place to sleep!
7. where my heart rests
8. where I can be myself
9. not written in stone--an extension of my changing personality
10. a place you bring your friends