Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And it was a delightful little affair...

We did in fact end up having a party in honor of little Miss Annabelle Lucy's first birthday this past Saturday, after having cancled and rescheduled, TWICE. My parents were there all the way from ID. which was a treat, to say the least. Mom and I whipped out this pretty party banner last minute. We were both so thrilled with the way it turned out and I would love to make more to sell in a my very own online shop at a place called Etsy.

It is still hanging over the table in my dining room and find myself still so enchanted by it that I may end up leaving it there forever.
As you can see, our little party was a complete with pink tulips, cupcakes, a soft yellow with polka-dots, " floo-fee" dress and a bunch, a bouquet of sorts ,if you will, of beautiful " guests" all laughing and eating jelly beans.
And I must make mention of all the lovely little presents, like the oh so cute, wee girly pink car shown below, a so sweet gift from Annabelle's lovely Great Auntie Kris.

It was a smashing success if I do say so myself.



Leslie said...

I LOVE THAT BANNER!!! LOVE IT.... putting it back in a mental file to copy.... So darling.. and what a big girl she looks like...

growing up.. sigh! Happy Happy Day Anabelle!

Andrea said...

How completely adorable! I loved it all from the poka dot dress to the tulips:) I love coming here. It gives me so many new ideas for when we have kids! And that banner was beautiful. Your mom certainly did a great job:)

AndiMae said...

Happy late birthday party sweet Annabelle! Your decorations were so lovely, Chelle- especially the banner. And of course, you know how much I love polka-dots :)

P.S. I left Audrey's birthday banner up for at least a month after her birthday because I couldn't bear to take it down!