Friday, March 02, 2007

Sugar and spice and everything nice

A few days ago, ok a few weeks ago, on Valentine's Day

my daughter and I had a few friends over to decorate cupcakes.

Olivia and two little friends, a sister and brother,

and their mother came over to celebrate this love-filled day with us.

The night before Olivia and I made chocolate cupcakes

(because what is Valentine's Day without chocolate?)

and sugar cookies. The morning of we made the frosting, in two different colors.

And had the most fun putting the sprinkles and decorations into little bowls

and setting the table with them.

Our friends arrived and we quickly set about to decorating.

Each little one received their own frosted cupcake on a little plate to decorate

and as soon as the added their sprinkles and m&m's,

they promptly smooched the cupcakes into their mouths,

ate all the frosting and a little of the cake

and then ran off to play upstairs!

So, my friend and I got to do what we had actually wanted to do all along...

decorate the cupcakes and cookies ourselves. :)

All in relative peace and quiet, I might add.

Here are the results.

Not the most beautiful or magazine worthy for sure,
but delicious nonetheless.


chelle said...

Cupcakes have to be one of the world's most delightful delights!

I love this post and the pictures in it...

Leslie said...

Ohhh.. Love it!!!
They look delish, and like beautiful memories.