Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Big {Thank You} to

all of our Happy Miscellany Craft Swap particiapants!
You guys have made this such an amazing and happy experience!
Thank you for your giving hearts and spirits.
Not one unkind, unthoughtful word was spoken or sent via e-mail
and all the pictures that have been shared are nothing less than an
amazing show of generosity on every person's part!
You guys have made this swap a great success and we offer a
great big {Thank You} to each and every one of you!

Below is a list of all of our participants and thier blogs so you can see
all the lovely and talent ladies who joined in on the fun.

Andi @ Tales of a Crafty Mama

Leigh Ann @ There's No Place Like Home

Monique @ monART
Fanny @ Fairbanks Fancy Goods (on Flickr)
Jerusalem @ My Little Life
Elaine @ Pa-knitter
Stefanie @ Artsy Momma
Elizabeth @ My Own Lil Space
Hyein @ Christina's
Kimberlie @ My Wedded Bliss
Julie @ Jane's Apron
Jamie @ Remnants
Abby @ Dear Abby
Sondra @ Aged Essence
Tiffany @ Perla Bella
Kristi from TN (no blog)
Anna from Australia (no public blog)
Pam from Washinton (no blog)
Naphtali from Minnosota (no blog)

Check back soon for news on our new Swap coming up very soon!


Cathy said...

Thanks for putting it together! It was lots of fun!

KATHY said...

What a pleasure to join in the swap. I can't wait for the next one!

KATHY said...
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KATHY said...
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Leslie said...

ohhh will love checking this list out later.. :)