Thursday, November 08, 2007

{ Meet Belle and Boo }

{ Little Belle gives Boo a Hug }

Mandy is a artist/illustrator from London. And I have on numerous different occasions, found myself lost in the enchantment of the beautiful world her hand creates. It's a innocent, fanciful place full of pretty little children, flowers, smallcreatures and soft colors. I would consider a print or two of hers sprinkled here and there to be an added touch of wonder in my home. Her Etsy shop, Belle and Boo is full of all sorts of goodies. Everything from stickers to dolls to of course her very precious prints. And she keeps a lovely blog. Also called Belle and Boo.

{ Winter Woolly}

{ My Favorite Spot in Winter }

{ Cowboys and Indians }

(If I had to pick a favorite. Which I am not at all sure I could do. This might be it)
{ Rosie's Red Flower }

The only problem I have run into, upon my visits to Belle and Boo is, " what to buy first? "


belleandboo said...

Wow, you have made my pictures look amazing, you might have to become my publicist!
Mandy x

chelle said...

Because they are amazing Mandy. I had absolutely nothing to do with that. And wouldn't I love getting to be your publiscist!

Fairlightday said...

Amazing blog to accompany such an amazing artist! Love Mandy's things! If this baby end's up with Joy as her middle name, than the "Joy" print in her shop will be ours! :) Thank you for sharing Chelle!

chelle said...

On my way to have a look at that "joy" print you mentioned.

julie (jane's apron) said...

just had to tell you that I ordered a necklace from lulu sparkles last week and the belle and boo "lost and found" print set is on my wish list...we must share lots of etsy favorites

monART said...

Because of you I stumbled on Belle and Boo and fell in love with the pics the first time around. I decided last week to use money made from my paintings to spoil myself and my 2 girls. I bought Stickers and the prints: Release, Chance Encounter and Flowers for mommy.
So...just a big thank you for listing them otherwise I wouldn't have known about their excistance!