Wednesday, November 07, 2007

{ Is it too soon to be in the Christmas Spirit }

That is the question at hand? Thanksgiving is still a good two weeks away. I don't know what's gotten into me. But I am already planning and scheming and wishing away. I have even been Christmas shopping. This year I plan to earn my Christmas spending money by making lots of things to sell on Etsy. Which if you are not familiar with is online handmade-lovers paradise. Shhh. Don't tell my hubs but I dearly hope to stuff is stocking with among other, smaller items, a I-Pod. :) So I thought as a celebration of the piles of paper, and stacks of fabric, I would take a minute to share three of my planned Christmas shopping stops. Each of these lovely ladies sell on Etsy and have been so kind as to permit me a little bragging up on them here. They are my Etsy favorites. They are amazing artists. Each in their own right. So stay tuned. The next three posts will be showcasing these spectacular Esty artists! I happen to know that lots of you ladies out there have Esty shops. Please leave your shop URL in the comments here so we can all stop in and browse through your lovely wares.

{ Round handblown glass ornaments from Restoration Hardware }


Fairlightday said...

Oh Chelle! What a lovely idea! All of it! From David's i-pod to showcasing Etsians! I can't wait. This beats what I had planned to write all too pieces. More please!

Michelle said...

I love the photos on this post! I've been wanting red blown glass ornaments, and here they are on your blog! Your ideas for Christmas are lovely!