Wednesday, November 07, 2007

{ Meet Lulu }

"Accessories Make the Girl "

I heart LuLu. This lady turns vintage baubles and charms into the most fabulous pieces. Her jewels are stunning, elegant and truly one of a kind. And the descriptions and pictures of her jewels are nothing short of eye candy.

Take Fifi for example.

Fifi buys fresh flowers
wears spectator pumps
tells time from a pocket watch
always carries a hanky
paints her own toes
drinks cosmos

~ Beloved ~

~ Salsa Dancing ~

On sale for $8.00 ladies. I have been eyeing and coveting this lovely & colorful pair for a while now. I think it's time I made a purchase.

Lulu's mouthwatering description reads: made especially to go with your new swingy sundress, slingbacks, salsa music, sangria and someone special.

And I'll close with some words from the enchanting Lulu herself,
get your sparkle on!

Shop Lulu Sparkles Here!


lulusparkles said...

oh my heavens!that is the sweetest bloggy post I have ever read ;) thanks Michelle~you made my day!

Hyein said...

Lulusparkles jewelry is absolutely fabulous! Great Job LuLu : )