Sunday, October 12, 2008

Introductions: Katie

a little about me:
I am most definitely the 'baby' of this group :) I'm 20 years old and live all the way 'downunder' in Australia, which at times is way too far away from all you fun spirited ladies! I was born in the Northern Beaches of Sydney but moved further up the coast when I was still very young. We live near the beach, which we try to get to as often as possible, and just love the coastal lifestyle.

the area which we live (church is one of those little buildings):
I have an amazing family and equally amazing boyfriend, Morgan whom you can hear more about over at my blog. We met at school through a mutual friend who had a bit of a 'thing' for me. The friend asked Morgan to chat to me and find out if I had any feelings for him. It's safe to say the story didn't end the way he had quite hoped and I fell badly for M and he for me and we have been chatting like mad ever since ;) We have been dating for 3 and a half years - & it's been a blast!
We are actively involved in our little church, where we are youth leaders and both involved in the church and youth bands. (I sing and Mr Morgan is our drummer who is also occasionally seen on the guitar or bass or mucking around on the keys) I believe I am so blessed by what the Lord has given me and each day try to strive to shine for him and to get to that 'next level' in my relationship with him, though many times I may fail.
I am currently a legal secretary who deals with family law, criminal law etc (all that messy stuff!) I took this job almost 2 years ago to save up for design school which I was recently accepted into and start in February next year!! I will be studying Interior Design.. and will keep you informed on how it all goes.
I am so excited to see what next year will bring and to continue to get to know all you lovely ladies more...

What is your definition of home:
Home is where you are loved for just being you and love back regardless. It's full of laughter, crazy singing, dancing, dinner parties, friends, cozy warm spots and a place you can be totally the 'daggy' you and still feel the most comfortable in the world. I can't wait to bring all this to my own house one day - we're currently saving!

Favourite Colours:
I just can't decide on this one, there's too many beautiful colours! I do like them bright & happy though..
ps. I'm not a bad speller...this is how we spell these words in Australia, we're crazy I know ;)

Favourite decorating elements:
paint, texture (walls, fabrics & furniture), pattern, small personalized touches, objects that seem 'random' and add character to a room, objects that have m
eaning and a story behind them, photographs, throw cushions, candles, pretty lights and would love one day to have drool worthy hardwood floors :)

Favourite creative outlets:

Basically anything crafty I can get my hands on. I especially have a passion for sewing, interior design & photography (looking at learning much more about this)with a bit of card making, scrapbooking & cooking - I'm such a sucker for food! thrown in too.

A Favourite recipe:
I'll go with sweet...
sweet chocolate and berry brownies.

Favourite domestic tip:
hmm not sure I have much experience to give you all a domestic tip! I'd say get rid of clutter, I know it makes me feel better. I use one of those nice fabric covered boxes as my inbox for my desk. The junk which would usually go all over my desk is thrown in and the lid is put on, therefore giving the illusion that I am neat and have everything under control ;) I think got this obsessive nature off my mum who has a passion for containers and whos spice rack is in alphabetical order (no joke!)

Where do I find inspiration :

in so many places.. blogs, Home Beautiful Magazine (I seriously have about 3 years worth of these hoarded away which I refuse to get rid of! It's a goal to one day have a house that is worthy of gracing the pages of a magazine such as this), Etsy, shops, restaurants & cafes (their choice of colours, furniture, shelving and patterns etc), flickr, advertising brochures (I've also been known to hoard these even though they serve no use), photography, music..

Favourite spots around my home:
I still live at home with my parents (and plan on doing so until I've finished design school!) We live in a house my dad 'started' building when I was about 3 - home builder's houses always seems to take years :) Although we do love our house it is quite a lot of maintenance for my dad and my parents are looking at putting the house up for sale soon and moving on to something else. The colour and furniture are not particulary my choice but here are some things that I love about home:
p.s I would say my parents are definately not afraid to use colour..

my room, love putting candles and soft music on and drinking tea in bed while reading my devotion book or pouring through Home Beautiful and just winding down :)

all furniture by dad.

our stairwells (the left hand side is all windows) I love when the sun pours through..

Like Wendi, I like having a big kitchen, great for entertaining:

Love eating out here especially on summer nights:

Having scenery such as:


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I loved this post KT! You are so fun and so full of life! How could anyone NOT love you? lol Your house (or I should say your parent's house) is GORGEOUS! I am so inlove with it. Everything is beautiful including yourself and it was fun getting to know you a little better on the domestic side ;)

Aminta said...

I love your house! I am glad that your parents are not afraid to use color. I too love color, color helps me feel bright and cheerful.
Your father is an awesome builder. My father was also a builder, and I loved growing up as a builders daughter.....I miss seeing my dad. :)

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

So much fun Katie! Beautiful post! You are such an inspiration. :)

Anonymous said...

I kept imagining your Australian accent while reading this...I'm a dork but it kept making me smile.
Your house is so VERY COOL! Love all the colors! :)

Nice to 'meet' you!

Fairlightday said...

I'm so glad to know some more about the lovely Miss Katie! Your parents house is amazing, I love the views and the colors! This is such a fun post and I'm glad that you did it.
I can't wait to see all the wonderful new things you learn at design school and what amazing things you'll be able to share and teach us!
Hugs Katie!

Chelle said...

Adoring this post and the sweet peeks into your sweet life...thanks so much for those goregous pictures of your house...your parents have done an amazing job and it was so much fun to get to see your bedroom. You are such an inspiration my dear. Loving having you on board here at Domestic Bliss!!!

have a lovely said...

so nice to "meet" you Katie! What a precious looks like you are having a tea party in a garden!! what a truly love life you have in Australia!!