Friday, October 10, 2008

Introductions: Wendi

Hello to all of you amazing ladies! To be honest I feel a little out of my league with the immense talent you all posses. I am honored to be a part of this though! I have gotten so much inspiration from all of you (now I am getting a little ahead of myself! I'll just repeat that comment again when I get to the "where do I get my inspiration from" part) *smile*. One of my main reasons for joining this blog is to learn from all of you. :) Then, some glorious day, perhaps I will be a part of it because I will actually be able to join in all of the skilled domestication. :)

About me: I am the youngest of 5 in a very close knit family. 7 1/2 yrs. ago I moved over 500 miles away from my parents and siblings and have started a beautiful life with my amazing husband David. His love astounds me.

I am a 27 year old Jesus loving, husband adoring, diaper changing, fashion appreciating, life loving mama of 3 boys. My oldest, K, has cerebral palsy and has been a constant catalyst for amazing lessons learned in my life! K is 5 1/2, Jay is 3 1/2, and Noe is 1 1/2. These boys keep me super busy! That is a huge understatement...

I have to laugh at God's sense of humor in giving 3 BOYS to a girly girl such as myself. :) These guys and my Dave mean the world to me. Some days I am just in awe at the blessings in my life. I often feel so undeserving, but thankful nonetheless!

I am a very emotional, all or nothing, romantic, free spirit. I am constantly second guessing myself and struggle all too often with feelings of inferiority and insecurity. I am daily working on seeing myself through the eyes of the one who created me and is faithfully completing a work in me.

Definition of home: Home to me is any where you feel the warmth and love of family. A place you can 'let your hair down' so to speak, and be yourself with no worries of being judged. Home made chocolate chip cookies definitely enhance the feeling of home. :)

Favorite color: I LOVE color! Vibrant colors just make me happy. I greatly admire homes that are so pristine in clean whites and beige's, but I know I would never be completely comfortable living in one. :) Red is definitely a favorite! Exhibit A, my upstairs hallway: (Oh, and my ever present insecurities just urged me to apologize over my photography in light of all of you really incredible photographers. I love photography, but know very little of it's technical aspects).

Exhibit B, my upstairs bathroom:

I wear alot of browns, but I think red is an all time favorite. :)

Decorating elements: Hmmm... Can I say eclectic? :) Yes, it is my post, so I will. :) A friend once called my home decorating style "french, Victorian, country". As already stated, I love color. I love candles, baskets, comfy, and warmth. :) I love to use photos and words in my decorating.

Our home is over 80 years old. When Dave and I got married and I moved in here it needed so much work! It was in really bad shape you guys! It took me a while to love it. Now it is truly 'home'. Even though it continues to be a big project for us, we love what we have done, and even more, the memories we have made here!

More from my kitchen:

One of the things I love most about my kitchen is it is quite spacious.

My dining room:
My downstairs bathroom:
My living room:
There used to be '70s wood grain paneling in here and I was OVERJOYED to paint it this beautiful green!

And our nursery:

Creative outlets: Writing is at the top of this list. Dave and I joke that when I am writing I am in 'my happy place'. :) I love to blog, take pictures, decorate my home, sew (the few things I know how to do on the sewing machine bring me great satisfaction!), knit, make cards, and scrapbook. I also love putting outfits together and picking out accessories. So many things in life seem to be a blank slate begging to be beautified!

Favorite recipe: Soft pretzels is by far a family favorite! Dave and I love to make these on a Saturday night and curl up on the couch together - eating way too many of them...

Household tip: Umm...Use pretty baskets to hide the clutter?:) I am at such a busy phase of life right now and to be honest I struggle with being organized and keeping up with house work. I look forward to all of your great tips! Right now I just keep reminding myself that this stage will not last forever. Someday perhaps 'deep cleaning' will be in my vocabulary once again. For now I am trying not to be too hard on myself and just enjoy my boys while they are still small. Soon I hope to implement a more organized cleaning schedule where I have a list of daily, monthly, and quarterly jobs.

Where do I find inspiration: Definitely blogs! :) Nature, stores, people, photos, catalogs, and music. :)

Favorite spot in my home: It would probably be in this chair. It is so homey feeling in our living room.

I love to see family photos around me and my favorite Willow Tree angles on a shelf near by. I have my Bible and scrapbooks on the table next to this chair. The chair itself will nearly swallow you in comfort and it is a hard one to get up from. :)

Okay ladies, that was a hodge podge list of who I am. :) This was fun! Looking forward to all of your introductions!!


Lisa said...

It's is so much fun getting to know you ladies better and I must try those pretzels - they look fantastic!!!

Shanna said...

Nice to formally "meet you" Wendi! Your family is beautiful & I can't wait to get to know you better ;)

Aminta said...

Love seeing where you hang your hat Wendi! And you made the cutest TOTE for Cade Ever! Don't knock yourself down. I am sure we will learn just as much from you as you will from us!
P.S. I LOVED getting to know you more in this post. Thank you!

Kate The Great said...

I loved seeing you home and meeting your family... Beautiful!

kt mac said...

I think I speak for all the ladies when I say how much you inspire us and how much I have already learn't from you through your writing. Loved your post Wendi, loved seeing your house and getting to know you more :)


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Wendi, this was beautiful. Your home is so warm and cozy looking. I think you are so very creative! Look at Leslie's bag!!! lol
This was so fun getting to know you a little better

Fairlightday said...

It was so sweet getting to "know" you better Wendi. I dream of restoring an old home some day. I had to smile at your hosier cabinet and cupboards. My mom has an identical one in her kitchen that she and my Dad and I restored. I've never seen anyone else have one like it. :) Some day I will have one too.
I am far away from all of my family too, and it's been a very good experience for me as well. You are an inspiration and a blessing Wendi! Thanks for posting.

Chelle said...

I loved reading this post and getting this tour of your sweet life and warm/cozy little home. We also live in a little old house. It was actually built in 1902 and we spent a lot of time and money those first few years fixing it up I absolutely have and know I will continue to be inspired so much by your deeply beautiful life.

have a lovely said...

wendi, I read your darling intro about your precious family and just realized I never commented! I love your statement about God blessing a girlie girl with three boys...and what precious ones they are!!