Sunday, November 02, 2008

Introductions: Aminta

Hello Ladies!
I have been a member on here for awhile, but I guess I never introduced myself properly. :)
So, here goes!

About Me: I am THE wife to a wonderful, hard working, hard core "boy". Who comes home to us in the evenings instead of the numerous things he could be doing. We have been married for almost six years, YAY!!! We have one daughter, Faith (April '99), and two sons, Nelson (Nov. '03) and Beau (Dec. '06). I home-school Faith and am starting "Sonny" this year......very slowly. Slowly because he is not interested. Therfore I must slowly interest him. I love, love, love to sew, bake and be with my little family. I have really enjoyed our few times away to just enjoying eachothers company. Those are my favorite times. I am from a family of TEN. EIGHT children and two parents. My mother and I enjoy visiting with eachother and encouraging one another in our Faith along with our craftyness. :) I love each of my family members, and am very close to a few. Time and distance along with different personalities in a large family and the dissolve of my parents marriage has left a large family in a bit of turmoil. Time will heal (with Gods direction).

Decorating Elements/Favorite Colors: Neutrals, browns, tans, greens, blues, reds and a little bit of burnt orange for good measure. Autumn colors. Warmth. Cozy. Pottery-Barn-y. Beachy. Cottage-y. Romantic. Ecclectic. Vintage (more 60's then anything). Scandinavian. But, mostly an ecclectic mix of cozy.

Inspirations: OH....this is a fun, but difficult one for me to answer. I find beauty in everything (almost), as long as I have my eyes open. Open to the beauty of that which surrounds you. Custume home-y. Nature. Sunrise, Sunset. Grass. Mud. Falling leaves. My sister Chelle, My Mother, My sisters. My brothers. My hubby. My children. Heather Bailey. Anna Maria Horner (especially her house!!!)My friends on the internet......... smiles!
FABRIC! Scrappy designs. Laura (my friend). Christ. My kids. My amazingly taltented Petie.

Define Home: Hmmm....... heaven. For this place is only temporary.
No, I mean, yes it is, but that is not what this question asked for.
So, I really feel at home in a place that is clean and cozy, where I am excepted and loved for who I am. My home is home. My family is home. My hubby is home. My children, home.
Creative Outlets: I do love to sew. I adore to create things for my little family and others. Sewing. Sewing. Sewing. I also love to bake. Baking for my family and others gives me peace. I just hate the mess it creates! lol LOVE fabrics. Textures to work with.......

Recipe We Induge In: Home-made Chicken Fettecinni. Nelson loves it so much he closes his eyes to eat. And now, everytime Beau gets hungry he asks for "ticken". :)

Favorite Spot In My House: Hmmmm..... there are so many! I love my sewing room, our "sitting" room, our dinning room, our front porch.................... my bed! Lol!

Household Tip: Hmmm....... Get organized before you have children. Because I find it almost impossible to get to it now that I have three! Other then that, I have no idea..... Oh wait! I try to wash each dish as I bake and cook, to minimize dishes. My hands are my dish washer and has been most of my life. I am soo looking forward to a plug in, on button push away, dishwasher one day!
So there you have it! That is me, and my life in a very small nut shell.


Shanna said...

Your house looks sooooo cozy and comfortable! I love the browns and warm tones.

Of course your kiddos are super cute too ;)

Amanda said...

love reading this...seeing snippets of your home...and, of course, your lovely little fam. i've been finishing up my scrappy swap stuff for you, and seeing the pictures may have inspired me further! :) much loves!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Oh I loved this little peek and getting to know sweet you
Your house is so sweet and homey looking I love all the warm colors they are so inviting


loves to you and your adorable family

Fairlightday said...

Your home is lovely Min. You've made it so cozy since you guys moved in two years ago. I love the new floors. They look great. And the picture with you and Nelson is so cute. You look gorgeous and Nelson is funny as ever. Thank you for joining in on the intros!
Love to you dear!