Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Happy Handmade Christmas

Welcome to our
Happy Handmade Christmas Swap

With the focus of this Christmas Season
being on less consumerism
and more things made from the heart
we thought we would focus on something
that was less "big box"
and more "home made."

Don't think you have to sew
to be in this swap!
In fact, we are finding more fun things to do
that are made in the kitchen
or at the craft table
than at the sewing machine or off the knitting needles.

Stamped ribbons, embellished cards,
garlands, wreaths, boxes full of goodies,
cookies and gingerbread houses, oh my!
Put some Christmas music on, browse through our
posts of inspiration (coming soon!) and
sign up for our swap to join in on some
happy handmade Christmas!

1. When can I sign up?: right now! Deadline is Sat. Nov. 15.

2. Who’s my partner?: We will send out your partner info via e-mail around Nov. 15 or 16

3. What goes into a package?: Anything handmade!
Stamped gift tags, scraped Christmas cards,
a handmade garland or banner,
some delicious cookies along with the recipes,
a jingle bell wreath, handmade soaps or lotions,
your own designed earrings or bracelet,
burn a CD full of all of your favorite songs,
an ornament that you knitted, sewed, glued, or folded,
homemade bath salts, handmade candies,
an advent calender, or a December Daily binder.

If you would like you could also throw in some:
beautiful tissue paper, bright colored ribbons, twine,
raffia, colored or striped tape, tulle,
small items to be tied on top of packages,
Christmas scrapbook papers, Christmas fabric scraps,
Christmas buttons, Holiday stickers,
vintage Christmas sheet music,
a candle or two of your favorite Holiday scent,
some tea for calming frazzled nerves, a delicious treat.

4. How to I join in on all this fun?: send us an email at

with the following details
- first and last name
- postal address
- email address
- blog address (if you have one)
- describe your Christmas/Holiday
colors and theme in a few sentences.

Packages to be sent by Saturday, Dec. 6th

Please note: This is an International swap, so if you do not want to ship internationally,
please let us know in your email.

5. How much should this package be worth or How do I know how much to send?: We would like everyone to make one handmade gift item for their partner
and include a CD of your favorite Christmas music or a Christmas magazine issue that has inspired you this Holiday season. Anything extra, is up to you.
In the spirit of the swap, let's try to keep the monetary expenditures at a minimum
but the joy of the season at a maximum. :)


Secondstreetdesigns said...

looks like a fun oe! I think I might just have to sign up.

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Im gonna go ahead and take a risk and say Im in lol one handed and all...Im sure in a couple weeks Ill be able to do so much more looking forward to this fun project :D

Fairlightday said...

I'm so glad you are joining in! Everyone was asking about a Christmas swap when we started the scrap swap, and now no one is joining up. :( So, I'm glad to see a few familiar faces in the mix. <3

Anonymous said...

Aww I think it looks like fun too but I'm barely finishing up the Scrappy one and with Christmas I'm just not sure I'd have the time. I hope to see some pictures of what everyone does though! :)

Amanda said...

this is going to be such fun...i'm loving finishing up the tidbits swap and my brain is swimming with the possibilities for this one! :)

Nathan and Jill said...

I was over at Amanda's and saw all the stuff she was sending for the scrap swap. And it got me excited about this. It is going to be fun!

Amanda said...

hooray glad you decided to join in! :) now everybody, go visit my dearest friend in the world...jill! i just know you'll love her as much as i do! :)

Becca said...

I'm excited. This will be my first swap! I have a feeling I forgot to send my address with the e-mail, oops!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Oh - I'm sad I missed it. :( I am not keeping up with life very well these days. :) Let me know if you need another person... :)

Lisa said...

I second what Wendi said!
I was hoping you girls would put togehter a Christmas swap, but missed it reading about it - I guess I have been out of the loop more then I realized....

Oh well, it's probably for the best, and I will dream of the next one......

Have fun, girls!!!!
Love to you all....

Tiffany said...

Oh shoot... I've missed the deadline!

I hope everyone has fun!!

peata said...

im so far away though.
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