Friday, May 26, 2006

mrshomebody's post about English Roses the other day reminded me of this excellent website and the fantastic lady who runs it. The website is The owner is Robin Delargy and she grows them from cuttings and on their own roots. You won't have to worry about theses roses "returning to their roots" live many of the plants you buy at Lowe's or Home Depot. Robin is a very nice person to work with. I have bought one of her plants off of Ebay. Robin has a "Personal Live Plant Guarantee... as fair as I know how to make it: If it dies, I'll replace it. Period." She grows all of these beautiful plants at her own home in Tacoma, WA. Check out her site and see all these lovely roses. There is a wealth of information to read, visit her own personal website and visit her Ebay listing. Tons of pictures make it a pure pleasure.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Color Red

Red shoes, rosy red cheeks, red door, cherry red, red tulips, red dress, fire engine red, red radio flyer, red stripes and checks, berry red, redheads, red pillows, red lips, red socks, deep red, red gingham, red geraniums, red purse, ruby red, red wool pea coat, red ribbon, dark red, red apples,red mug, rouge red, red roses...can you think of any more?

English Roses

I have a small collection of English Roses in my front flower bed...

  • Eventually I'd like to have a yard full of them...

I collect English Roses...

I would rather have a single English Rose than a dozen of the kind you get at the store (i.e. hybrid)

Someday I am going to own a nursery that grows and sell strictly English Roses...

English roses make the perfect wedding bouquet...

Obviously, I am nuts about English Roses!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hanging Vases

I'll get the ball rolling, so to speak with one of my very favorite things...

We have a hanging vase on the wall by our bed. It is one of my most treasured possesions. Right now it is full of purple lilacs and pink parrot tulips and my whole entire bedroom smells as if it has been drenched in lilac perfume...I have given them away as wedding and birthday gifts. That is where I got mine in the first place...Pottery Barn sells several different styles. Prices range between $12.00 - $34.00...if you are interested:

Your Favorite Things...

decor ideas
are just a few ideas!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wonderful Graffiti

I just wanted to let you know about a new website I've discovered called:
Take a look, I promise you will be delighted with what you find!

What is Graffiti?

Graffiti letters are very, very thin pieces of vinyl.
A light adhesive holds them firmly on the wall until you're ready to remove them.
Think Colorforms and Post-It notes.
Vinyl makes Graffiti flexible, durable, and washable.
It's extreme thinness and hand-applied matte finish make Wonderful Graffiti look like it's been literally printed on the wall. (And not like vinyl at all.)
• Press it on, peel off backing, stand back and admire it
• Text arrives prepositioned and transfers all at once—no individual letters to place
• Easily removable
• Won't damage walls
• Washable and durable
• Won't fade, crack or peel
• Stays in place until you remove it

About keeping the house clean and other important ways to preserve your marraige...

" I'll tell you the real secret of how to stay married. Keep the cave clean. They want the cave clean and spotless. Air-conditioned, if possible. Sharpen his spear, and stick it his hand when he goes out in the morning to spear that bear; and when the bear chases him, console him when he comes home at night, and tell him what a big man he is, and then hide the spear so he doesn't fall over it and stab himself. "
-Jerome Jospen Chodorov Fields
What 10 words/phrases come to mind in describing what home means to you?