Monday, July 27, 2009

{ Eye Candy Especially For Chelle }

And for the fact that this poor blog has not had any loving care for awhile. I thought that I would add all of the pictures that I was accumulating for tiny inspirations for Chelles NEW kitchen (when they can get to it)!
Some of them look so much like her and some of have little bits and pieces of splashed in.

And for the GRAND FINALLY!!

Just a little bit of love for you ladies, to share our joy of HAPPY spaces!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Oh Domestic Bliss.. poor little forgotten spot!
I have come bearing some fun news.
For any of you who don't know my boy recently asked me to marry him & we are both so excited.
We are also on the look out for some fun & creative wedding ideas... So we have decided to have a giveaway over at my blog.
So come on over and play too! (giveaway is open to absolutely everyone :)
Love Kt xx

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tumblr Love

Completely enamored with this happy little spot on the world wide web called Tumblr.
So much so that having just one of my own was not quite enough.
So much eye candy in one place, but I'll give fair warning....
it may end result in a tooth ache.
And how I love having a pretty place to tuck away those favorite quotations.
I love checking in on all the lovelies my friends have been collecting.
Like hers, and hers.
Let me tell you, it beats taking up space in a dusty old picture folder any day of the year.
You could do it too and see for yourself, if you wanted.

Monday, April 13, 2009

planning and a hoping

So recently during my visit to Seattle in May there was some talk, some excitement and some hoping.

That maybe, just maybe we could have a little get together and meet lots of you girls. Lord knows most of us have been connected for several years now, we are a part of each others day to day. So what do you say? Spring 2010.

That we could chat, and craft, and share our talents with one another, and be real life friends too.... Wouldn't that be a dreamy little getaway.

we have ideas, big ideas, and plans, and we want to make this happen...
we have some neat ideas to keep the cost low, the creativity high
and we have a handful of ladies who think maybe just maybe we can and will pull this off..

What we want to know, what we really want to know... is... would you want to join us?

If so, leave us a little comment here and we will invite you to a new blog to help plan and plot this fun filled weekend! Wouldn't it be divine?

Friday, March 27, 2009

$4.50 Friday - Chicken Pot Pie

Okay girlies well I do love to stretch a buck but last night I also needed to stretch my time. I didn't have much of it.
I would also like to remind you, that you can have "Big" meals on this budget but unfortunately this is a lighter one. If I had a larger family I would probably need two pies, and could probably still be very close to budget. We have loved this meal since our early married days, and its still a very favorite of Nicks.

Easy Peasy Pot Pie

I pkg onion soup mix (.25) I buy a box for a dollar.
1/2 pkg mixed frozen vegetables (.75)
1 frozen pie crust (.75)
Anytype of leftover meat from night before 1-2 cups chopped($1.00)
we frequently do chicken, pork, or even steak
2 cups milk (.50)

total for one pie $3.25, a double crust pie $4.00

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Heat up milk and soup mix in a small saucepan for several minutes until mixed well and a little bubbly.
If your doing double crust lay down first one, place veggies, and meat mixed in pie plate. I made this one a double crust, because my crust was crumbling.
If you have more time you could much cheaper make your own crust, and make two pies still in budget!
Then pour the milk/soup mixture over it.
Place crust on top, and seal, creating a slit to breathe on top
Bake for 20 minutes.

This is perfect for quick dinners before bible study, sport nights, etc. I also plan this into my week to really stretch my dinner budget I normally snag the extra dollar for a night with company over etc.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


During our little Seattle visit a couple of weeks ago, Chelle, Aminta, and I were super inspired by our dear friend Leslie's frugal dinner ideas. Her goal is to make every dinner (entire dinner mind you) $4.50 or less! And to top it off, Leslie + Nick frequently host dinners in their home. We were all really challenged to work on our own groceries budgets when we returned home.

How many of you are up to the challenge too?

If so, I think it would be great if we could make every Friday here "FOUR FIFTY FRIDAY" and could share some of our favorite dinner ideas that cost $4.50 or less. You don't have to share every Friday, but hopefully enough people will want to participate that we can get a least one recipe a week (especially from you, Miss Leslie!).

Are you in?

Can I interest you in...

a little eye candy?

anyone else have folders on their computer chock full of random pictures of pretty rooms for future reference/inspiration?

There is this amazing little spot that the fabulous Kelly Mccaleb is raving about this morning on her blog. And I have to say after scrolling through hers, I was compeletly smitten and went right away and set up my very own Tumblr excited about this pretty way to store sweet picture finds and quotes. Since you all know what a quote junkie I am. Take a look yourself and if you decide to start your own, please do share with the rest of us...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

{ faves }

Fairlight did a sweet little post yesterday of her Etsy favorites. She thought maybe we'd all like share our favorites. Here are mine:

Buy Handmade

Can't wait to see yours.