Monday, April 13, 2009

planning and a hoping

So recently during my visit to Seattle in May there was some talk, some excitement and some hoping.

That maybe, just maybe we could have a little get together and meet lots of you girls. Lord knows most of us have been connected for several years now, we are a part of each others day to day. So what do you say? Spring 2010.

That we could chat, and craft, and share our talents with one another, and be real life friends too.... Wouldn't that be a dreamy little getaway.

we have ideas, big ideas, and plans, and we want to make this happen...
we have some neat ideas to keep the cost low, the creativity high
and we have a handful of ladies who think maybe just maybe we can and will pull this off..

What we want to know, what we really want to know... is... would you want to join us?

If so, leave us a little comment here and we will invite you to a new blog to help plan and plot this fun filled weekend! Wouldn't it be divine?


Dawna said...

This would be so wonderful! I would love to come, so please let me know if there is anything I can do to help make this a reality!!

Chelle said...

A great big yes from me!
Excited to get the blog up and running and to hear everyone's brainstorms...Thanks so much for writing this initial post. I love you.

See you there.

kt said...

I think this is one of the best ideas ever! and am looking at how it could possibly happen from my end.
Can't wait to see the blog all done up & thanks for doing the initial post Leslie :)

Cottage Mommy said...

Ooooh...that would be so much fun! I would love to be a part and try to make that happen! Keep me posted!

Us Girls said...

The new little blog is in the works...but I got stuck... what should we call it?

Andrea said...

That sounds like such a blast!! Meeting all you fun ladies would be one blissfull weekend!

Amanda said...

definitely YES!

Jacy said...

I just now added the blog (I tell you I have to get more organized in checking my email!!!) and I can't tell you how excited about this whole thing I am!! I have actually been dreaming about a big bloggy meetup! It would be the most wonderful thing ever, and I am sure Benji is just so tired of hearing me talk about you girls lol as if you were apart of our every day life...of course, to me, you are!
Love love love this idea and I hope I can be of much help in the brainstorming, though it has been several years since I have flown!
Love you girls!

Melissa said...

I'd definitely would want to do this. I'm too much a lurker and need to open myself up a bit more to folks and make friends.