Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tumblr Love

Completely enamored with this happy little spot on the world wide web called Tumblr.
So much so that having just one of my own was not quite enough.
So much eye candy in one place, but I'll give fair warning....
it may end result in a tooth ache.
And how I love having a pretty place to tuck away those favorite quotations.
I love checking in on all the lovelies my friends have been collecting.
Like hers, and hers.
Let me tell you, it beats taking up space in a dusty old picture folder any day of the year.
You could do it too and see for yourself, if you wanted.


Andrea said...

OOooo, I've been looking at tumblr non stop for a week now.

All of you guys have so much wonderful stuff that I could spend hours everyday just clicking on links and photos.

It's such a neat idea that I really should start one up:) You are so right. I think it would be way better for me than digging out my old notebook that has stuff peaking out of every nook and cranny.

charkstudios said...

That picture of the apples makes my mouth water. Love the idea of us ladies getting together for some big crafting bonanza. I will be following to get updates!

Anonymous said...