Friday, September 15, 2006

Our Nursery/ Guestroom

The center piece of Annabelle's Room is deffinately the beautiful Red Crib that Aminta so lovely painted and then handed down to us after Nelson was finished with it...
We just love how cheerful it is!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Baby cribs.....what style inspires you?

I love baby cribs, I think that it can be both beautiful and fun. My son's crib was something I picked-up at a second hand store, it was a very dingy old looking blue. My hubby and I decided on a cherry red color to repaint it. We weren't sure if it would work, but we gave it a try. Afterwars it was one of the most beautiful cribs we had ever seen.....imagine, an old crib, with all the little detailing, painted a beautiful cherry red. Gorgeous! We had decided on a cowboy theme for Nelson, so it fit perfect with all that we had gotten. Made a pretty crib, a handsome crib.
I don't have any photos of this crib, but maybe Chelle wouldn't mind putting one on for me? You see, after Nelson out grew his crib, we passed it on to his new little cousin Annabelle......what fun! It fits the bedroom and little miss Anniebelle so very well.
This time around we found a pretty little crib at the second hand store. It was a pretty shade of minty old fashioned green. It would have matched the more antique green (Amy Coe) bedding that we decided on, but we both thought that it would make it too girlie. So I painted it a color called "beautiful brown eyes". It turned out very nicely. I will post a picture of it (if I can figure it out!!!lol).
I thought that it would be fun for each of us to post a picture or so of the cribs that we think are beautiful......what is your style of baby crib?