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What's Your Style?

I think that most of us on here like the country/cottage look, else wise, why would we be here? :) I found this quiz in a decorating book that I've been rereading in preparation for putting our house on the market and I thought it would be fun to put it one here.

What's Your Style?

If your feeling wishy-washy about which cottage look you like best, these questions will help you put your dreams into words and ideas.

There are no wrong answers to this quiz. In fact, you might discover you like a lot of different cottage styles. Many other homeowners do too. That's why you're apt to find seashells in a landlocked farmhouse and Native American prints in a lakeside cottage. So enjoy the questions, think through your answers, and be ready to experiment with your cottage style.

My favorite color scheme for decorating is.....
a. Based on the colors found in a favorite piece of fabric.
b. One main color, plus one or two accent colors.
c. Monochromatic with multiple shades of a single hue.
d. Blues, greens, neutrals, and other colors from nature.

If I could hang any chandelier it would be...
a. One with crystals and beads and lots of detailing.
b. A simple iron shape with curves and scrolls that looks handmade.
c. An over sized round or square lampshade hung like a chandelier.
d. A lantern-look fixture that reflects its oceangoing past.

I love furniture that is...
a. Inspired by 18th-century design. I'm drawn to the curves and added detail.
b. Rustic and hardworking with classic lines. This furniture looks better with wear.
c. Clean lined and modern. I like simple lines and a spare feeling.
d. Simple with a worn painted finish.

I would decorate my mantle with...
a. A gilded mirror and a bouquet of white roses.
b. An architectural fragment.
c. Three modern vases or metallic pots.
d. Seashells or twigs in a glass cylinder.

When I walk into a fabric shop, I'm drawn to...
a. Lush florals and toiles.
b. Classics, such as stripes and checks, in a limited range of colors.
c. Solid-color fabrics with wonderful textures.
d. Durable fabrics, such as denim and ticking.

My most prized collection includes...
a. Transferware plates, platters, and tureens.
b. Folk art and oddities, such as carved toys, old maps, and concrete urns.
c. Hand-thrown pottery with soft glazes in cream, mocha, and celadon.
d. Nature's objects, such as shells, branches, and pine-cones.

My favorite vacation would be...
a. Traveling in the south of France.
b. Driving on back roads across the United States.
c. Checking out city art museums.
d. Hiking in the mountains or walking on the beach.

My dream house is...
a. A cottage filled with architectural details.
b. A farmhouse with high ceilings and wraparound porches overlooking the garden.
c. A city loft with open spaces and industrial finishes.
d. A casual cottage by the water's edge filled with nature's soothing colors.

Mostly A's: You love the look of European cottages and would be happiest in a place where you can combine your love of collecting with beautiful fabrics and colors.
Mostly B's: Vintage architecture suits you perfectly, whether it's a farmhouse or a bungalow. You're ready to embrace the past and update it for today.
Mostly C's: You're torn between living in a modern loft and loving cottage style. don't fight it. Cottage ingredients are perfect for softening the hard lines of a contemporary structure. But restrain your cottage outlook to make sure the space feels right for today.
Mostly D's: You've never gotten that favorite vacation getaway out of your mind. Bring the feeling of the lake, sea, or woods home to your house. This livable look offers comfort and ease, the perfect ingredients to make any day seem like a vacation.

Can't pick? Don't worry if you want to pick more than one answer for the questions. It's possible to mix and match and still create a cottage that lives with style. You'll find a lot of examples in the pages that follow.

Quiz taken from the book, Better Homes and Gardens New Cottage Style. Decorating ideas for casual, comfortable living.

Friday, June 23, 2006

and More Kitchens

Do you have a favorite kitchen to share?
What about your own?


Monday, June 12, 2006

Your favorite (dream) rooms or houses...etc.

Here are a couple of my dream/magazine kitchens:
-bright and green, two things I very much like in a kitchen:
Love the warmth and color of this one...
and the crisp and clean white set off by bright accents of this kitchen:

and I am partial to the cupboards and knobs of this kitchen...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Clothes for kids and kids-at-heart

I love Oilily! Now, I must admit I've never owned a single item from Oilily. As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure how to pronounce the world "Oilily."

But the clothes! They are bright and vivacious, full of personality and brilliance and fun, for boys, girls, and women. I love Oilily clothes. Someday, if I have a very large bank account, I might splurge and buy an Oilily piece. Hmmm....maybe I should search for Oilily clothes on eBay......

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Now come on everyone...pretty please...

I am just so curious to hear about your favorite things....

Polka Dots...

As you may already know, I am a unashamed lover of Polka-Dots...so much so that I had a polka-dotted wedding dress, well it was not as tacky as it sounds...more along the lines of Dotted Swiss than polka dots...
Anyhow, I openly admit that I adore anything Polka Dotted...
pajama's, curtains, pots, sheets, cars, journals, shoes, cards, underwear, etc.
I am a true Polka Dot junkie...
( once upon a time (before Annabelle, that is) David and I were even going to open up our own drive through espresso and name it
Polka Dots Coffee, and paint the little building in robin's egg blue with, yes, brown Polka Dots...)
And This is my photo tribute to them.