Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Care to Share ?

Anyone else made some fabulous cookies this week? Have any recommendations? Or, stay away from *this* recipe, it's evil.

I made these last night...oh so yummy! But just so you says 3 ounces of cream cheese...that must have been a typo cause it's really 8 oz. I rolled the dough into balls, then rolled the balls in coconut, made thumbrints in them and filled them with raspberry preserves...and they turned out divinely!

And plan to make these today, after hearing rave reviews about them.

{ White-Chocolate Cherry Shortbread }

Friday, December 14, 2007

how lovely are your branches...

One of my sweetest sweetest memories is the first year we got married, was our total excitement to decorate our Christmas tree. We were giddy, we had been married 4 months and that to us felt like a little family event. We danced and sang around our living room, and just by thinking back Im transformed there.
This year setting up our tree was different, that was a very crabby baby napping, The hubby was running up and down stairs helping the garage repair man, I was exhausted from shopping at 3am and had the sniffles. Plus this year we forgo the hunt for the perfect fresh tree and in light of baby who eats everything broke down and bought a fake tree. I thought I would hate it. I thought it wouldn't be the same, and we even said if we only keep it a year it was the price of real tree normally. But something about it all decorated, it is "our" tree as normal, and even though daily life caught up with us, the second all of our special things started adorning that little plastic tree... in an instance it was ours.
And then we went and got baby up from her nap, and we danced and sang around our tree. And isn't that what Christmas trees are all about to spark a reminder of the joy of the season. I hope your Christmas tree gives you much much domestic bliss.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A warm thank you.

from one of our lovely swappers...

Thank you so much for hosting the holiday helper swap -- it was wonderful! My swap partner was Kathy McCulloch and she sent me the most amazing package of goodies. Honestly, the best package I've ever received. Ever.Our weather here in the NW has been terrible and I'm staying with my Grandmother in the heart of Grays Harbor County -- one of the hardest hit areas in last week's storm... so opening that package reminded me that this time of year really is magic. Of course, I've already written my thanks to her personally, but since I don't blog -- actually, I don't even quite understand how I'm able to use the computer -- I wondered if you would mind mentioning how wonderful Kathy is in yours? Thanks again, and please let me know when another swap comes up -- enjoy your holidays! (and that new baby!)

-Pam Herrick

Friday, December 07, 2007

Show and Tell....

Your Christmas Tree.

Here's how it works: Either leave in comments to a link for a post already written up, complete with pictures of course, including your Christmas Tree. Or email me a picture, with or without a blurb at and I'd be happy to post it for you...( just make sure to include your blog address, or name if you don't happen to have a blog ) and of course for you contributors, feel more than free to write your own post.

Preparing to be enchanted, ladies.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

{ Christmas Inspirations }

Anyone need gift ideas? I have more gift ideas than I can handle/afford.

How about an apron from Anthropologie. The only problem with that being, how do you narrow it down to the one? Impossible.

Does anyone else adore felt at Christmastime like I do? I mean, I can't get enough of it. I plan to have acquired some felting skills by next Christmas. These and these are partly to blame for this new fetish. Ah, pointsetia cutouts , someday I will master you.

Or how about a gift card from, here, here or here.

Or this or this or this book, from

All this pretty red stuff can be found over at Wisteria

All these lovelies From Fjorn Scandinavian.

Anyone else care to share their gift giving tips/lists? Anyone?