Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Morning/Afternoon Ladies!

Just wanted to mention that yesterday my blog turned 1 and to celebrate I am having a giveaway and would definitely love each and everyone of you to join in. For the details come over to my blog and check it out!

Love to you all
Katie x

ps. how's everyone's scrappy fabric'ing' going?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A few more...

suggestions and ideas
( picture borrowed from somewhere on Apartment Therapy )

to help you come up with the perfect little gifts to make for your 3 partners , with your scraps for those in our { Tidbits } swap. Happy inspirations!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting to Know You: Blessings All Mine

hey ladies! so excited by the privilege of joining you all in this delightful little blog (and perhaps a wee bit intimidated...you gals have lovely decorating, quaint homes, and so much domestic prowess!). i'm glad to finally have a chance to introduce myself!

About Me: wife, mommy, daughter of the King...i am 29 (30 in may). i was born and raised in indiana all of my life (with the exception of three summers aways...one in ohio, one in new zealand, and one in colorado...all with campus crusade for Christ). i'm the youngest of two daughters. my husband michael and i met through Sunday school class at church and never in our wildest imagination thought we would eventually be married, but that's God for you. in july 2003 God stirred both of our hearts while we were cleaning fruit together, we started dating, were engaged just 2 months later on sept. 20, 2003, and our wedding took place the following spring/summer on june 5, 2004. hard to believe it's been 4 1/2 years! in early 2005 we were surprised with the news we were pregnant, and in october 2005 we welcomed elizabeth irene to our family. and in august 2007 we were blessed with the gift of another precious daughter katherine christine (kate...and the name kate just fits her...our little firecracker!).

Define Home...home is where you can completely be yourself. it is full of laughter and love, and yet it is a place where you can bare your heart and still be accepted. it is not always neat and tidy, but rather, it is stuffed to the brim with the little "clutter" of life. right now home is wooden choo-choos, pink socks, and my little ponies stashed in the most random of corners. home is where i snuggle up on the couch next to my husband or settle in for a stories with my girls. home smells like fresh bread or brownies baking in the oven. the older i get the more that i realize home is much less the physical structure and much less the "stuff" and so incredibly and completely the people. home is family.

Favorite Color...this depends. when it comes to clothing i seem to be in a brown mode as of late...deep chocolate browns. when it comes to decor i'm all over the board....for our bedroom a light cerulean bluish, two tones separated by a white chair rail. downstairs, a bold red splash of color for our living room, and an accenting of oatbran that will soon be painted on the walls of our front room. when it comes to the girls its bold and bright colors...a vibrant yellow in elizabeth's room and bold murals of curious george in the nursery. (although i'm seeing visions of pink and green when we eventually move the girls to the same room!).

(incidentally the plates in the pic above were my favorite piece of accent decor in my house (they have Scripture on them...until Miss Kate decided to reach up and manage to pull them off the wall during E's birthday party Sunday...shattering every plate to pieces except the yellow one...UGH!)

Decorating Elements

...i suppose you would call it "eclectic"...since there isn't really any rhyme or reason. i would like to have more simplicity but struggle to keep my head above the water when it comes to clutter! :) i feel like i see ideas that others share and would love to pull them off, but apparently that would involve finding the time and/or money! :) here are some snippets of decorating elements around our house though!

Creative Outlets ...you name it, i enjoy it. seriously...sewing, knitting, tile coaster making, writing...and on and on! :) i find i have far too many creative things i enjoy and far too little time for partaking in them! oh, and cooking...mostly the baking part.

A recipe we indulge in...i direct you to two a new fav and an old standby. cheesy corn tortilla bites and carrot cake

A household tip...i could use a few of these! okay, in all seriousness, schedule and routine. i SO rebelled against this for so long, and now it has become my best tool and is helping me grow so much as a wife and mom. i have designated times for chores and designated times for sitting on the floor playing or purposeful crafting with elizabeth...and it is SO incredibly freeing. but more than anything, my tip and my heart is to keep my focus on the people and not allow the "stuff" to take over!

Where do I find inspiration...everywhere. but i find much of my inspiration these days from my girls. but seriously, i find inspiration on all of your blogs, in my backyard, at my MOPS group, all over!

Favorite spots around my home

...this room right here...in fact, to be specific, in the corner of the couch, the one cut off in the photo. it looks out onto the front of the house, and with the window open i can feel the breeze. i love to curl up here with my Bible and journal, surrounded by pictures of my family and sweet little reminders of the blessings in my life. i will like it even better when i get around to painting the walls with the oatbran paint we already bought. but i also LOVE my kitchen...i love cooking and baking and creating...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting to know you: have a lovely

hello soon to be dear friends! I am so thankful to Chelle for the invite to be a part of such a special group of gals and look forward to getting to know each of you!!

a little about me...
I am a Texas girl living in PA and I'm married to the one my soul fell in love with. We are a real life "love at first sight" Mr. & Mrs. We have been married over 4 years and moved 19 hours from home to Cleveland, OH after one month of marriage for my husband to attend medical school. Might just sound far...but it was more than just the hours...my heart was still in Texas and that move {my first ever} in many ways came to define how I lived my life. God took me completely out of my comfort zone and away from our families {I am one of 4} and planted me where he wanted me to grow...even in the coldest of winters! I grew in ways only He could have fathomed and although I miss home and pray that we end up back there one day...I wouldn't have traded this journey for anything.

We just moved to PA in June for the next leg of our journey {at least 3 years}...for his podiatry residency. I am so blessed to finally be working from home for myself! I own a unique little children's boutique, Teacups and Tadpoles, and am working on my 2nd business venture now and hoping to launch in just a few weeks. My background is in children's interior design, retail, and well...Christmas trees! I used to design Christmas trees and homes during the holidays...and I loved it!

favorite decorating elements...
I heart all things vintage, must have: chandeliers, like the smell and feel of old books, find scouring flea markets relaxing, think peeling paint is beautiful, have an obsession with crepe paper ruffles, think glass glitter is divine, will never have too many dishes, can't stop taking pictures, collect silver serving pieces, adore my collection of transferware, and have a weakness for fabrics...but can't yet sew a lick! My home is my tangible scrapbook...it is a mix of everywhere we had lived and lived through. I love mixing the unexpected with the typical. For example...rice {and even black beans} are a fabulous medium {just keep up from the littles}...and plants don't have to just live in planters...

favorite color...
tough one...it seems to be different with different things...
-for decorating my accent color seems to be red
-for clothes...I wear a lot of basic colors {blacks, whites, creams, etc.} because I like to accessorize!
-and for just all around...I really like turquoise

creative outlets...
I spend most of my creative time on my businesses, enjoy making things with paper, blogging, could design on the computer until my eyes are stuck, and love, love, love "taking pictures" {I am not a professional or trained so I feel I can't call it "photography"}.

around our home... {in pictures... sorry...some of them are most current and we are all decked out for halloween}

definition of home...
my home is truly where my family is... When hubby and I moved to Cleveland I missed "home", but the first time I went home without him...I realized I had it all along. Home really was were he was and we were together. I can't explain the feeling, but going home to Texas doesn't feel the same anymore if he's not there.

favorite domestic tip...
make your bed. I got so tired of hearing it growing up. But...I do it every day. Even if its 7:00 at night sometimes...I have to make my bed before I get into it for the night. There is something about making your bed that makes you feel ready and put together...even if there are 4 loads of laundry waiting to be folded!

book recommendation...
The Purpose Driven Life...I picked it up years ago to read after a slew of recommendations and only read the first few chapters. I picked it up again at the first of this summer...and I can't recommend a more favorite book right now...if you too have picked it up and didn't get far...keep reading. You will soon move through the chapters of things you may have always heard and then you'll move into chapters that truly will speak to your heart.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Anyone else, want to join us?

I am about to send out swap partner info to those of you who have joined up for the { tibits } scrap swap. But I am one person short.

So we are looking for one more person
to even out the { tidbits } swap.

Just wondering if any of you ladies out there might have meant to sign up and then maybe forgot to? Or does one of want to play twice and send out and receive double the amount of scraps? please if so let me know by either leaving me a comment here or emailing me as soon as possible at domestic.b@hotmail.com .
Thanks dearies.

Edit: We have our extra lady! :) You will all be getting your partner info right away. Have fun!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coming Soon!

Good morning to you beautiful people.
And a very special good morning to a VERY special person, on a very special day of her life.
I love you very, very dearly.
I plan to write a nice little birthday post, but I do not want to rush the words written. Therefore I am going to work on it and post it tonight. So until then dearest of dears, know I absolutely adore the socks off of you.
hugs and kisses for you and two extras for today!
Your fan, "Min"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Introductions: Katie

a little about me:
I am most definitely the 'baby' of this group :) I'm 20 years old and live all the way 'downunder' in Australia, which at times is way too far away from all you fun spirited ladies! I was born in the Northern Beaches of Sydney but moved further up the coast when I was still very young. We live near the beach, which we try to get to as often as possible, and just love the coastal lifestyle.

the area which we live (church is one of those little buildings):
I have an amazing family and equally amazing boyfriend, Morgan whom you can hear more about over at my blog. We met at school through a mutual friend who had a bit of a 'thing' for me. The friend asked Morgan to chat to me and find out if I had any feelings for him. It's safe to say the story didn't end the way he had quite hoped and I fell badly for M and he for me and we have been chatting like mad ever since ;) We have been dating for 3 and a half years - & it's been a blast!
We are actively involved in our little church, where we are youth leaders and both involved in the church and youth bands. (I sing and Mr Morgan is our drummer who is also occasionally seen on the guitar or bass or mucking around on the keys) I believe I am so blessed by what the Lord has given me and each day try to strive to shine for him and to get to that 'next level' in my relationship with him, though many times I may fail.
I am currently a legal secretary who deals with family law, criminal law etc (all that messy stuff!) I took this job almost 2 years ago to save up for design school which I was recently accepted into and start in February next year!! I will be studying Interior Design.. and will keep you informed on how it all goes.
I am so excited to see what next year will bring and to continue to get to know all you lovely ladies more...

What is your definition of home:
Home is where you are loved for just being you and love back regardless. It's full of laughter, crazy singing, dancing, dinner parties, friends, cozy warm spots and a place you can be totally the 'daggy' you and still feel the most comfortable in the world. I can't wait to bring all this to my own house one day - we're currently saving!

Favourite Colours:
I just can't decide on this one, there's too many beautiful colours! I do like them bright & happy though..
ps. I'm not a bad speller...this is how we spell these words in Australia, we're crazy I know ;)

Favourite decorating elements:
paint, texture (walls, fabrics & furniture), pattern, small personalized touches, objects that seem 'random' and add character to a room, objects that have m
eaning and a story behind them, photographs, throw cushions, candles, pretty lights and would love one day to have drool worthy hardwood floors :)

Favourite creative outlets:

Basically anything crafty I can get my hands on. I especially have a passion for sewing, interior design & photography (looking at learning much more about this)with a bit of card making, scrapbooking & cooking - I'm such a sucker for food! thrown in too.

A Favourite recipe:
I'll go with sweet...
sweet chocolate and berry brownies.

Favourite domestic tip:
hmm not sure I have much experience to give you all a domestic tip! I'd say get rid of clutter, I know it makes me feel better. I use one of those nice fabric covered boxes as my inbox for my desk. The junk which would usually go all over my desk is thrown in and the lid is put on, therefore giving the illusion that I am neat and have everything under control ;) I think got this obsessive nature off my mum who has a passion for containers and whos spice rack is in alphabetical order (no joke!)

Where do I find inspiration :

in so many places.. blogs, Home Beautiful Magazine (I seriously have about 3 years worth of these hoarded away which I refuse to get rid of! It's a goal to one day have a house that is worthy of gracing the pages of a magazine such as this), Etsy, shops, restaurants & cafes (their choice of colours, furniture, shelving and patterns etc), flickr, advertising brochures (I've also been known to hoard these even though they serve no use), photography, music..

Favourite spots around my home:
I still live at home with my parents (and plan on doing so until I've finished design school!) We live in a house my dad 'started' building when I was about 3 - home builder's houses always seems to take years :) Although we do love our house it is quite a lot of maintenance for my dad and my parents are looking at putting the house up for sale soon and moving on to something else. The colour and furniture are not particulary my choice but here are some things that I love about home:
p.s I would say my parents are definately not afraid to use colour..

my room, love putting candles and soft music on and drinking tea in bed while reading my devotion book or pouring through Home Beautiful and just winding down :)

all furniture by dad.

our stairwells (the left hand side is all windows) I love when the sun pours through..

Like Wendi, I like having a big kitchen, great for entertaining:

Love eating out here especially on summer nights:

Having scenery such as:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Introductions: Wendi

Hello to all of you amazing ladies! To be honest I feel a little out of my league with the immense talent you all posses. I am honored to be a part of this though! I have gotten so much inspiration from all of you (now I am getting a little ahead of myself! I'll just repeat that comment again when I get to the "where do I get my inspiration from" part) *smile*. One of my main reasons for joining this blog is to learn from all of you. :) Then, some glorious day, perhaps I will be a part of it because I will actually be able to join in all of the skilled domestication. :)

About me: I am the youngest of 5 in a very close knit family. 7 1/2 yrs. ago I moved over 500 miles away from my parents and siblings and have started a beautiful life with my amazing husband David. His love astounds me.

I am a 27 year old Jesus loving, husband adoring, diaper changing, fashion appreciating, life loving mama of 3 boys. My oldest, K, has cerebral palsy and has been a constant catalyst for amazing lessons learned in my life! K is 5 1/2, Jay is 3 1/2, and Noe is 1 1/2. These boys keep me super busy! That is a huge understatement...

I have to laugh at God's sense of humor in giving 3 BOYS to a girly girl such as myself. :) These guys and my Dave mean the world to me. Some days I am just in awe at the blessings in my life. I often feel so undeserving, but thankful nonetheless!

I am a very emotional, all or nothing, romantic, free spirit. I am constantly second guessing myself and struggle all too often with feelings of inferiority and insecurity. I am daily working on seeing myself through the eyes of the one who created me and is faithfully completing a work in me.

Definition of home: Home to me is any where you feel the warmth and love of family. A place you can 'let your hair down' so to speak, and be yourself with no worries of being judged. Home made chocolate chip cookies definitely enhance the feeling of home. :)

Favorite color: I LOVE color! Vibrant colors just make me happy. I greatly admire homes that are so pristine in clean whites and beige's, but I know I would never be completely comfortable living in one. :) Red is definitely a favorite! Exhibit A, my upstairs hallway: (Oh, and my ever present insecurities just urged me to apologize over my photography in light of all of you really incredible photographers. I love photography, but know very little of it's technical aspects).

Exhibit B, my upstairs bathroom:

I wear alot of browns, but I think red is an all time favorite. :)

Decorating elements: Hmmm... Can I say eclectic? :) Yes, it is my post, so I will. :) A friend once called my home decorating style "french, Victorian, country". As already stated, I love color. I love candles, baskets, comfy, and warmth. :) I love to use photos and words in my decorating.

Our home is over 80 years old. When Dave and I got married and I moved in here it needed so much work! It was in really bad shape you guys! It took me a while to love it. Now it is truly 'home'. Even though it continues to be a big project for us, we love what we have done, and even more, the memories we have made here!

More from my kitchen:

One of the things I love most about my kitchen is it is quite spacious.

My dining room:
My downstairs bathroom:
My living room:
There used to be '70s wood grain paneling in here and I was OVERJOYED to paint it this beautiful green!

And our nursery:

Creative outlets: Writing is at the top of this list. Dave and I joke that when I am writing I am in 'my happy place'. :) I love to blog, take pictures, decorate my home, sew (the few things I know how to do on the sewing machine bring me great satisfaction!), knit, make cards, and scrapbook. I also love putting outfits together and picking out accessories. So many things in life seem to be a blank slate begging to be beautified!

Favorite recipe: Soft pretzels is by far a family favorite! Dave and I love to make these on a Saturday night and curl up on the couch together - eating way too many of them...

Household tip: Umm...Use pretty baskets to hide the clutter?:) I am at such a busy phase of life right now and to be honest I struggle with being organized and keeping up with house work. I look forward to all of your great tips! Right now I just keep reminding myself that this stage will not last forever. Someday perhaps 'deep cleaning' will be in my vocabulary once again. For now I am trying not to be too hard on myself and just enjoy my boys while they are still small. Soon I hope to implement a more organized cleaning schedule where I have a list of daily, monthly, and quarterly jobs.

Where do I find inspiration: Definitely blogs! :) Nature, stores, people, photos, catalogs, and music. :)

Favorite spot in my home: It would probably be in this chair. It is so homey feeling in our living room.

I love to see family photos around me and my favorite Willow Tree angles on a shelf near by. I have my Bible and scrapbooks on the table next to this chair. The chair itself will nearly swallow you in comfort and it is a hard one to get up from. :)

Okay ladies, that was a hodge podge list of who I am. :) This was fun! Looking forward to all of your introductions!!