Monday, November 26, 2007

{ Happy Holiday Preperations }

So ladies, by now you should have all recieved your Holiday Helper swap partner info. If not email me right away at Be sure to post any pictures on our Flickr account so we can all share in your part of the holiday cheer. I don't know about you but I am beside my self with excitement to send and recieve my packages. I feel like and have a secret elf aiding and abeting my Christmas efforts this year. So, with that said, just have so much fun, wrapping and sending those festive, happy boxes ladies.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

For flowers that bloom about our feet;
For tender grass, so fresh, so sweet;
For song of bird, and hum of bee;
For all things fair we hear or see,
Father in heaven, we thank Thee!

Ralph Waldo Emerson

{ p.s. today ( Wednesday ) is the last day to sign up for the Holiday Helper Swap , so why don't you run over to and sign your little self up, while you still can. It promises to be a very happy sort of pre-holiday treat.}

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday Helper Swap

Christmas is just around the corner.
Are you ready for it?
I know I’m not.

I keep trying, but I find that I can always use a little help around the holiday times.
So, who is up for a little “Holiday Helper Swap?”

Holiday Helper Swap

Wrapping paper, ribbon, cards, Christmas music,
Packages and boxes, cookies and gingerbread houses, oh my!
Need some help? Or just a spot of brightness in the mail?
Sign up for our swap and be dazzled with Christmas delight.

1. When can I sign up?: right now! Deadline is Wed. Nov. 21.

2. Who’s my partner?: We will send out your partner info via e-mail around Nov. 21 or 22

3. What goes into a package?: Have fun with this!
Beautiful tissue paper, bright colored ribbons, twine, raffia, handmade gift tags,
colored or striped tape, tulle, small items to be tied on top of packages,
a handmade ornament, Christmas scrapbook papers, Christmas fabric scraps,
Christmas buttons, Holiday stickers, vintage Christmas sheet music, a handmade garland,
a CD of your favorite Christmas music (or burn a CD full of all of your favorite songs!),
a Christmas magazine issue that has inspired you this Holiday season,
Holiday recipes that are family tradition or are great to take to celebrations,
a candle or two of your favorite Holiday scent, some tea for calming frazzled nerves,
a delicious treat, maybe a small gift to your partner {just because} to brighten their day.

4. How to I join in on all this fun?: send us an email at

with the following details
- first and last name
- postal address
- email address
- blog address (if you have one)
- describe your Christmas/Holiday
colors and theme in a few sentences.

Packages to be sent by Saturday, Dec. 1st

Please note: This is an International swap, so if you do not want to ship internationally,
please let us know in your email.

5. How much should this package be worth or How do I know how much to send?: If you are going by monetary value, try to make it no less than $12. If you are going by “how much,” try to pick at least five of the above mention items.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Big {Thank You} to

all of our Happy Miscellany Craft Swap particiapants!
You guys have made this such an amazing and happy experience!
Thank you for your giving hearts and spirits.
Not one unkind, unthoughtful word was spoken or sent via e-mail
and all the pictures that have been shared are nothing less than an
amazing show of generosity on every person's part!
You guys have made this swap a great success and we offer a
great big {Thank You} to each and every one of you!

Below is a list of all of our participants and thier blogs so you can see
all the lovely and talent ladies who joined in on the fun.

Andi @ Tales of a Crafty Mama

Leigh Ann @ There's No Place Like Home

Monique @ monART
Fanny @ Fairbanks Fancy Goods (on Flickr)
Jerusalem @ My Little Life
Elaine @ Pa-knitter
Stefanie @ Artsy Momma
Elizabeth @ My Own Lil Space
Hyein @ Christina's
Kimberlie @ My Wedded Bliss
Julie @ Jane's Apron
Jamie @ Remnants
Abby @ Dear Abby
Sondra @ Aged Essence
Tiffany @ Perla Bella
Kristi from TN (no blog)
Anna from Australia (no public blog)
Pam from Washinton (no blog)
Naphtali from Minnosota (no blog)

Check back soon for news on our new Swap coming up very soon!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

{ Meet Belle and Boo }

{ Little Belle gives Boo a Hug }

Mandy is a artist/illustrator from London. And I have on numerous different occasions, found myself lost in the enchantment of the beautiful world her hand creates. It's a innocent, fanciful place full of pretty little children, flowers, smallcreatures and soft colors. I would consider a print or two of hers sprinkled here and there to be an added touch of wonder in my home. Her Etsy shop, Belle and Boo is full of all sorts of goodies. Everything from stickers to dolls to of course her very precious prints. And she keeps a lovely blog. Also called Belle and Boo.

{ Winter Woolly}

{ My Favorite Spot in Winter }

{ Cowboys and Indians }

(If I had to pick a favorite. Which I am not at all sure I could do. This might be it)
{ Rosie's Red Flower }

The only problem I have run into, upon my visits to Belle and Boo is, " what to buy first? "

thank you thank you

to Chelle and Fairlight who hosted this lovely little swap...
hope everyone else is receiving and enjoying there goodies like I did.. :)

*we now return to regularly scheduled programing of featured etsians...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

{ Meet Lulu }

"Accessories Make the Girl "

I heart LuLu. This lady turns vintage baubles and charms into the most fabulous pieces. Her jewels are stunning, elegant and truly one of a kind. And the descriptions and pictures of her jewels are nothing short of eye candy.

Take Fifi for example.

Fifi buys fresh flowers
wears spectator pumps
tells time from a pocket watch
always carries a hanky
paints her own toes
drinks cosmos

~ Beloved ~

~ Salsa Dancing ~

On sale for $8.00 ladies. I have been eyeing and coveting this lovely & colorful pair for a while now. I think it's time I made a purchase.

Lulu's mouthwatering description reads: made especially to go with your new swingy sundress, slingbacks, salsa music, sangria and someone special.

And I'll close with some words from the enchanting Lulu herself,
get your sparkle on!

Shop Lulu Sparkles Here!

{ Is it too soon to be in the Christmas Spirit }

That is the question at hand? Thanksgiving is still a good two weeks away. I don't know what's gotten into me. But I am already planning and scheming and wishing away. I have even been Christmas shopping. This year I plan to earn my Christmas spending money by making lots of things to sell on Etsy. Which if you are not familiar with is online handmade-lovers paradise. Shhh. Don't tell my hubs but I dearly hope to stuff is stocking with among other, smaller items, a I-Pod. :) So I thought as a celebration of the piles of paper, and stacks of fabric, I would take a minute to share three of my planned Christmas shopping stops. Each of these lovely ladies sell on Etsy and have been so kind as to permit me a little bragging up on them here. They are my Etsy favorites. They are amazing artists. Each in their own right. So stay tuned. The next three posts will be showcasing these spectacular Esty artists! I happen to know that lots of you ladies out there have Esty shops. Please leave your shop URL in the comments here so we can all stop in and browse through your lovely wares.

{ Round handblown glass ornaments from Restoration Hardware }